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Pobbers bug


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So if after tranquilising the pobbers you recall them to fast and not one by one. they stuck in one place and you can't progress further on hunting if that happens

II5q_wUMr4I.jpgYou do get the rewards thoughhwBNaroVVxU.jpg

UPD. You can shoot them with a tranquiliser again to make them fall asleep and get more loot3H_wX0uc5Os.jpg

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It can easily be done by ivara/equinox when you use your sleep on piled up pobbers. And recall all of them at the same time or before the reward screen appears. I've tried it some times just to be sure that it wasn't one time bug.

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Ticket: #1531851

Encountered the same bug.
Pobbers like to bug out.
Even had an extra bug related to our cute little cuddlesnugs.

First run, I thought it was going to be a one-time bug only.

Getting a pobbers trail, I follow the tracks to the call point.
Didn't matter how many times I used the lure, they never called back.
It remained in this state, that other tracking spots wheren't activating at all anymore as well.

So I go back to Fortuna, and head back out.

Again pobbers.
I tranq all 3, then go to collect them.
The first 2 are taken away.
The third, stays there hanging.
And it keeps saying, to 'reel them in'.
But the bot is like; 'mine!' and never brings the last one to safety.

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