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Bolarola and tranq zoom


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As you can see from the picture, when zoomed in on the tranquilizer the animal is shown with a sharp glow. While this is fine for virminik and pobbers, it is terrible when you are trying to capture bolarolas. Why? Unlike the other 2 I listed, bolarolas can only be captured when your tranq dart hits their belly, and having them glow as seen in the picture makes it really hard to land a shot where it counts. Having your eyes focus on a flashing animation is also rather uncomfortable (as you wait between flashing intervals to see their body)

While I do know how to cheese bolarola hunting, I do believe it is best if instead of the entire animal glowing, we can only have the belly glowing? (Its a lot easier to shoot at the bright spot... than try to figure out where the "weakness" is when their entire body is emitting a strong light.)

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