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Alert Level 4


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I was part of a bug group and at round 2 of 5 we got the alert to max. Made things more fun. However the alert never went down, it was stuck at 4. The enemes at stage 5 was 125, Opticore blasts capable of 1 shotting me. It was absolutely EPIC, Worthy of End Game status.

When we succeeded it was so satisfying.

But it is still a bug.


PS: Can you make this bug an option?

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I have encountered this bug today. About 5 minutes ago since this post been made.

The alert level wasn't going down but the heat of the battle was really really fun for me but others were just plain getting one-shot. On my screen the Alert level was 0, all white. Other people alert level were 4 and all red. I didn't know what was going on. The host was being buggy today I don't know if the Alert level was having his maxed out while others were red? I joined the lobby and someone was already destroying beacons when I first connected through and walked out the door. We did the first two missions with ease. The reinforcement beacon were all white for me but the enemies level were keep going up and up and up. Thankfully we manage to complete the mission and head home. We still don't know why the 'Alert Level" wasn't going down after we keep destroying the beacons. Last mission we were fighting level 90+ enemies.


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