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Fortuna update still crashing 70% on first loading screen


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It's been a week now since the big Fortuna release and when I finished updating and clicked "Play" on the launcher, the first loading screen crashes midway and just exit's to my desktop, My friends have suggested to verify, optimize and even reinstall the game on a different local disk (I reinstalled the game 5 times, that's 5 all nighters btw HAHA) and it still crashes, I can't even get to the login screen where my Warframe is sitting down. When I look to the forums, I saw that I wasn't the only one. A LOT of people are having the same issue and no one seems to have solved the issue. some said to look at the crash logs on my warframe folder. I have a total of 30 crashes this past week and all say the same thing. 


Build label: WarframePublic 2018. Retail Windows x86
Crash type: Crash
Crash reason: Illegal Instruction
Crashing thread id: 1fc0


The issue has not been addressed or fixed in any of the 8 hotfixes so far, and no one seems to respond to us, to the point that some people in the forums are saying DE is ignoring us. 
Please help. 
Yes, I have direct x 10 and 11 unchecked 
and No, I don't have Razer SDK installed so both of those suggestions won't help 




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Same problem, I doubting because it's host_os=W7, yet still a weird bug since my report crash mostly is empty or illegal instruction reason...

Also one weird thing is if you let the game load without let it appear on the screen by hide it, it does process to login screen but when you check on it, NULL. I can even hear the login song


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1 hour ago, MiguelPerada said:

Devs need to at least respond to us to give us assurance that they're aware, I doubt it's a problem with the PC because my friend is playing on his crappy laptop and his warframe is working fine. He even said this might be random purging. 

its not random purging, i suggest you read this with all of my posts on it:


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