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Milestone Feature for early-game players [Constructive Feedback]


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The purpose behind this writing is to suggest one way (of potentially many ways)  to make Warframe more attractive to players who just started playing and completed the first mission.

Over 75% of the MR3 or lower players I have talked to had this common complaint: They had no clue what to do. I know a few people irl who simply stopped playing at that point. So here is one suggestion to help alleviate this issue a little: Introduce a “Milestone List”.


This milestone list would contain info about what actions unlocks what features. The milestone list screen will be twofold, or two tabs if you will:

1. Planet list. This list will list down all the planets in the order it is unlocked in. Under each planet, mention:

What the overall level range is.

What quest is unlocked, if any.

What MR is needed (if the junction for it has a MR lock, directly or indirectly), if any.

What warframe can be obtained from the planet’s boss.

2. MR list. This list will list down all the MR levels achievable ingame. Under each MR, mention:

What weapons need this MR, if any.

What quests need this MR, if any.

What planets (or planet junctions) need this MR, if any.

What MR bonuses you get (loadout slots, Void trace limit, ect.)


I imagine this to be included in the codex, with its own dedicated button taking you to the milestone list screen. I also imagine that this to be an unskippable part of the tutorial, right after the first mission, where new players must open this list before they are allowed to roam the star chart. I would also highly recommend putting a small introduction in the MR section about how MR exp is gained, since this seems to be a extremely common question (naturally).


For those commenting on this writing:

There is one more point I want to make. I do believe one of Warframe’s charms is that you need to go out and explore in order to get to know the game. I also think it should keep up the player freedom and not hold the new player by the hand and tell them what to do. This destroys a great part of what makes Warframe fun. Therefore, I recommend against giving too much info to the new player. But the way it is set up now seems a little too extreme for the new players, and they get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content in the game without having any guidelines. Hence my suggestion to give some guidelines by means of this "milestone list”.

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10 minutes ago, NeonParticles said:

I could probably develop a web app to do this.

A web app is nice, but it doesn't ensure new players will get to see the milestone list. In fact, most new players likely won't see it until it's too late because they will likely find the app after they have done their research already, if they did not give up on the game before doing research.

And there is the relatively minor issue with apps where the responsibility of keeping it up to date falls with a player. And if the player were to quit Warframe, bye bye support. Not that I expect there to be changes all that often when it comes to this milestone list.

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The idea is stunning, very helpful to those who can't find them selfs in the game. My 2 friends had the problem of what to do and how to do when they first started the game, they reached to MR2 and stopped because they didn't know what to do next in the missions and in the quests. As a player who enjoys warframe  to its fullest, I try not to spoil my friends experience in the game and trying to guide them with what they need not what they want, but at some point u expect them to know the basics of the game and not go throw it all when they forget. the idea of the Milestone is a brilliant idea in which it can help the experience of many new players. @Djazlaan Nice thinking, I wonder what else your stunning brain can think of. good work.



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