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WTB specific Smeeta kavat

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13 minutes ago, LarryYourWaiter said:

I think I have the right tail and ears (I think) but mine is blue energy, if I remember correctly...


16 minutes ago, Brightbug said:

I know, the energy is what is most important to me here. 

Gotta be Lilac,  i’ll live with if few other things besides that are different. The Energy is key! 

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I got a lilac energy colour kavat, smeeta of course, female, short fan tail (Which is mermaid, I believe) but ball ears. Powdery pink/purple accents.

she's the last in the lineup in this image I made a few days ago:



I can try crossbreed her to get the fennec ears, but as she'd be bred with the kavat one space to the left, she would have zero chance of inheriting any extra purple.

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