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Game quits rendering while in squad


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Warframe, not my driver, just quits rendering the game.  No crash or or anything it just goes black and cuts to Desktop but, the game is still running.  I can hear it and hear the menu hitting esc but, cannot go back in.

It's only when in a squad.  If alone it seems fine but, if I start or join a squad, 2~10 minutes into it it will just quit rendering.

Reboots, uninstalled drivers, tried previous driver versions, all with same result.

If use a pre-390.xx version, the game doesn't stop rendering anymore but, FPS is horrendous.


When Fortuna came out I had zero issues.  2 updates ago it did this every once in a while.  This last update, it's every time I go into a mission with a squad.

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I can confirm this issue. Have same problem. Multiple times per day got. Can't do survival missions anymore, because of this. 
I never had problem with Warframe. but after fortune release and update.... it start this bug. 
And 1 time i got same problem when out of party (squad). Was alone on ship.

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I maybe found solution. In warframe game foulder, I delete "Cache.Windows"  foulder with inside files and then launch game. It start about 22GB download update. After this played 3 hours and still nothing happened. All work fine, as it should be. No more this issue.

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Yea, originally thought it only in squad but, after a few days now since then...

The game would be fine for hours and soon as I joined a squad, within minutes the game would just quit rendering.  I'd join another after restarting warframe immediately and again do the same thing.  Immediately restart warframe again and go solo and game would be fine until I decided it was time to go to sleep.

Unfortunately, today it's now doing it regardless if I'm solo or in a group.


Guess it's back to Monster Hunter or Ark until it's fixed.  Maybe some DB Fighter Z 😎

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