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Medi-Ray, Shield Charger and Tractor beam bugs


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So just recently gilded and potato'd and forma'd my first moa, yay, and i found a particular bug that has been annoying me. If you equip Medi-Ray, it works just fine. If you equip Shield charger, it works fine. If you equip Tractor Beam, it also works just fine. However, if you equip Medi-Ray and Tractor beam, or Shield Charger and Tractor Beam, they both cancel each other out resulting in neither mod working. Shield Charger and Medi-Ray together on the same moa work just fine. I hope this is not intended because having Medi-Ray is a must and Tractor beam is one of my favorite MOA precepts. I would be really sad if i couldn't use Tractor Beam anymore.

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