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Animal Tags in Fortuna Hunting not giving as many as it should.


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These 3 screenshots were taken back-to-back one after the other, and the math here doesn't add up, 2 tags are missing in total, this happened a few times with some tags just not registering to my inventory, it happened a few days ago, and I sent a ticket, just checked that ticket, was told to send them here. I'm not worried about reimbursement, just want this issue fixed because missing tags is just annoying at times, it adds up.


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I just had the same thing happen to me: I tagged a group of Subterranean Pobbers and only have 1 tag when I should have 4. I think I might've gotten shortchanged a few days ago too - I got 5 tags from bagging 2 groups of Subterraneans, which is how I bought my first Floof.



EDIT: Happened again as I headed out. Bagged 2 groups of Pobbers, only got 4 tags.


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Can confirm that this has just happened to me just 5 min ago. It seems to only affect the subterranean pobbers, but now I'm not so sure about all my other tags now. This seems like a critical bug to have in the game since it seems to only and most detrimentally affect the rarest subspecies in the game. Perhaps increasing the base tag payout for rare subspecies might work if they cannot fix this glitch.

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