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Login Failed, Check Info. [HELP]


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Good Evening,
I seem to have run on a very suspicious problem.
So I was just farming affinity in Hydron, Sedna. 
And when we were about to extract, I got this error message, "Can't Update account info"
and then after retrying and retrying, I aborted it because it seems like it won't go anywhere.
After that, I returned to my orbiter but when I go to my Navigation, another error message saying "Cannot Start Game instance"
I checked my internet, and sure enough it was working well.
I logged out of warframe in panic that my account got hacked.
When i tried logging in,
I can't log in anymore, an error box only says "Login Failed, Check Info". and I'm pretty sure that the password I'm entering is the correct one.
I tried changing my password but it won't help either since it still the same effect.
I have poured my wallet into this game, and I fear that one day a hacker may try to hack me, and not only my warframe account is in danger but also my Private information too.
(Sorry for my bad english, I tried my best...)

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