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Stuttering and freezing after opening hacking mini-game


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Happens in fortuna during different bounty stages. Second or two everything is fine, then stuttering and freezing for 3-5 seconds, and you can clearly hear how corpus reinforcements starts to spawn. 

System W10, i5-4570, 8gigs of ram, gtx750ti
Almost all lighting settings are disabled, low post processing FXAA, 4X AF. High/Medium everything else. Lowering settings produce reverse effect, fps drops etc.      

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I've had this problem since PoE, everytime I start a Hack, camera zooms-in, and then, the whole game freezes to death until I hear nothing from it, and at that point, two options :

 -I'm solo, likee often, and the game afterwards just resumes, but freezes continue on until I leave and go back to my ship.

-I'm in a squad, and I get disconnected from it 90% of the time. But after I get alone, I almost have no freezes.

Definitly dunno what causes this. ?

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Have had this same issue with POE and now with Fortuna, hacking is fine everywhere else, but in open maps I get 3-5s of freezy stutter.  It is possible to play through it if you count your clicks and mouse movement, but generally just means less time to hack.  Thought it might be to do with hard drive speed, I get a similar stutter when first loading in POE or Fortuna.

Edit (03/12/18): Upgraded my RAM from 8 to 16 GB, both problems gone.

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Bumping this up, this has been happening constantly in Orb Vallis only. Anything that opens a menu and triggers the depth of field effect will freeze and stutter the game for several seconds, including pressing esc, opening hack, or talking to someone.

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