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i just started to play on PC from ps4, anyone got any tips?



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Eat your space greens,

Never initate hard landing, only if necessary. Use croutch button to slide just before hitting ground.

You can cast your double jump after falling of edges, it's not that you won't have it after falling.

Utilize your aimglide. Bullet jump midair also works not only on ground.

Fastest combo to move is: *While Sprinting* bullet jump forward, wait a milisecond, jump, crouch to slide. Repeat.

Gram Prime is best Melee Weapon at this very moment. Galatine Prime is second best.

On pure elemental weapons like Silva & Aegis [Condition Overload] IS A MUST.

Don't trust Bombards.

Clem is the nicest boi in town.

Join a clan, do all quests, missions, asap.

There is no 'best frame' each frame is best at their own job. But you could say Zephyr PRIME is better than Zephyr but that's pretty self explanatory.

Oh yeah don't forget your Vitamins Prime

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It's the same game, just different dynamics in plat prices in the market and, of course, Fortuna.  

The 2nd go around is interesting because you know exactly what to do, but I forgot how rough going the start is until about Uranus.  You'll really miss your multishot mods lol   Best to get in a clan and see if you can get someone to gift them to you or buy them cheap.  Farming Barrel Diffusion (unless G3 comes around) is tough.  Split Chamber was also no fun.  

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