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„Drop Monsters“ timezones, perception, for what or why is it any good?


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Foreword: my original thread was roled into a „Not receiving twitch drop thread“ for no reason and I am assuming that it’s just a tired forum mod mistake instead of actively hiding my thread because of asking sensitive question about „what good is the drop monster“ idea or silencing critics 


Didn’t watch primetime, because for me it ran at 1 AM in the morning. However from what I got, twitch streamers now hunt for a time-sensitive spawning monster for their  viewers to receive twitch drops

Adding another layer of time sensitive (as drop Monsters expire) to the already existing problem of timezones is NOT making Warframe on twitch more accessible 

also wouldn’t this lead to twitch streamers running endless marathons of loading in and out of Orb Vallis Just for the drop monster to spawn instead of showcasing Warframes gameplay?

twitch partners are now forced to commit themselves to run a hunt for drop monster for as long and fast as possible to keep their viewers happy - eventually burning themselves out over the long and repetitive task in to optimize the loot 

This would send the wrong message to those who are curious about Warframe because it ranks so high in twitch, making them think Warframe is all about riding an elevator and they only got those views because Of „drop monsters“ and nothing else 

I am sure DE is deadset on using that System no matter what as the codes have been already written and implemented.  Maybe it will be an awesome addition but right now I can only see the negatives - someone who saw the stream, pleased explain to me how and why it was sold as a good idea to the community and the two special guests

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