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Inviting to Orbiter reveals strange issues


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Whenever I invite someone to my Orbiter, they describe it as 'completely broken.' This is while it seems to be working correctly for me. Whenever I am invited to someone else's orbiter, it also works fine.

The doors don't open, certain objects seem to be missing, and it just in general behaves in strange ways. In order to get into the other rooms, we discovered that you are able to bullet jump through the top part of the door in order to clip through it, only while this weird broken state is there. Using the bullet jump method, we are able to gain access to the Helminth room, where the person invited clips through the door (triggering the Ordis voice line), then walks next to it and it simply opens for me.

You can see some of the weirdness below:


Ramp is missing


Somatic Link chair is missing

I've tried removing and replacing all of my decorations, but nothing seems to fix the issue.


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