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Boss towers! Maybe?


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Civil discourse (obviously)

Here's my proposal on how to take content that for the most part exists within the game and turn it into "End Game".

A concept used for end game in hugely successful mmorpg's is the boss tower. My suggestion is to turn junctions into ascending boss towers. The Ai for the frame exists. Some tweaking to allow them to takes advantage of mobility, increasing damage, armor values, and buffs from other frames. Imagine a space pillar as the junction for the sentient home world were the Ai frames have the aesthetics from other players.

This also opens up the the possibility of practicing conclave vs opponents with an advantage. Possibly a full boss rush and story applications.

Applying a viewable mod build to the Ai in each instance will allow players a view into what they're about to face. A viewable build will also give new players some introspective into progressing their own builds.

Let me know what you think!

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38 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

In what instance would Valkyr not wipe any AI frame? What could knowing the mod loadout of the enemies mean if their stats were different and unless DE intentionally used bad mods, could be predicted with 99.999% accuracy?

Giving the AI a full loadout page with the values that differ from the base frame in flavored text would be the way to go about it.

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27 minutes ago, Ledatic said:

One with a nully frost globe or with stalker powers

Then what value would the mod loadout be for a frame with abilities we can't use, or at least taking advantage of things we can't? There's nothing to learn from that.

24 minutes ago, Ledatic said:

Also fighting a Ai Inaros with full umrbal build and a Tigris prime, idk that'd definitely take some skill and a try or two, like don't let him get too close and what not. Trying to use some imagination.

Valkyr and I hit play on Ratt's Round and Round.

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Well the junction will be scaling. The period in which there would be anything to learn for new players say when you unlock the junction, it would be a basic junction; subsequent runs would be the frame getting a low level vitality and their 1st ability and so on and so forth. 30th run in any junction would have something along the lines of a fully modded frame, meta weapon, and more than the average ability pool. And from there stalker passives/actives

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