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Is it intentional that the Buzlok is no longer immune to the negative effects of Heavy Cal? (since Fortuna)


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Ever since the Buzlok was first introduced in 2014 it was immune to the negative accuracy on Heavy Cal — presumably because of its passive homing ability allowing it to correct the projectiles course.

Since Fortuna's riven disposition change, the Buzlok is now for the first time in its long history affected by Heavy Cal. I've trawled over all the patch notes and found nothing about changing this.

Is this a case of a 4 year late bug fix and it was intended for Buzlok to never be immune to the negative accuracy or some random bug introduced with Fortuna that due to the Buzlok being a rather unpopular weapon just not picked up on?

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i think they fixed this few month ago all the way before fortuna.
i forgot which update it was but i think it was   few weeks after Acolyte? i remember did some testing on the weapon with all firerate mods + Spring-Loaded Barrel Chamber before they changed it.




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