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Forever locked abilities (till i die)


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I made a build some time ago which made me nearly unkillable as long as i paid attention to my energy management and my movement...
It worked everywhere in the game, except vallis..
I thought im just bad for some reason, i said ok i just need to adapt..
Seems like it is nearly impossible to move (constantly CC dragged around the map /with handspring btw) correctly,
unless i have a login mod with 100% knockdown resist or something which i dont have yet.
But the CC i could care less about honestly, IF they would not #*!%in put me right inside a nullifier bubble,
which we got nearly on every second mob now without weak point (drone thingie)...
Its ok i said, made a fkin fast gun that not only eats the bubbles in a second but destroys shields and S#&$.
BUT there is ofcourse a nullifier that isnt a bubble but a yellow eyeraping crap skill coming out of nowhere and quite often.

EVEN all these trash stuff i said, Its ok ffs, let the game be hard for once!

B U T ! 
If it wasnt enough yet, the yellow trash is even glitching my abilities and makes them locked forever until i die.

Just because im not using a "passive immortality Inaros" that flows like goo on youtube,
Or any "specific" frame that can trick around something made poorly,
I think i must be able to play on vallis just to get some toroids before i have to leave because of dying to bugs, dont ya think?
I dont wanna sound whiny, i really have patience.. but hell at this rate why whould i even mod a warframe if its all locked in a fight?


Additionally, i forgot to mention that my companion seems to be getting ability locked even more often and more easily,
such as my buffs not affecting him anymore, so the only way to heal him now is the melee life steal.

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