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Sentinel Riven Mods


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I understand the feeling of sentinel riven mods coming out of a primary / secondary / shotgun rivens feel lackluster to new players who were expecting something they would invest on, but i believe there are some players like me who were quite let down with this decision of removing it from riven pool as i like to take the most of my Sentinel / MOA.

Could you guys split the sentinel riven mods into a new category like you guys did with the kitguns, and offer it as a reward of events which players opt-in for what they gonna get? this way it will not be lackluster as it will be a players choice, for example, could be a reward for one of the following:

-5 vitus essence on arbitrations

Thanks in advance.

Edited by ThaneValkirian
forgot to mention the remotion of sentinel riven from generation pool
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10 minutes ago, ThaneValkirian said:

they removed it from generation pool, so we can't aquire new ones but i don't know if they said something about reintroduction of it.

They did. It's in the riven disposition changes thread.

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