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Mecha mod set precept don't work on boss


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So, I did a few test on the Mecha kubrow mod set and the concept is interesting but it's seems that the precept only mark "regular enemies", so not bosses. I expected the ability to not have any priority target and mark the first enemy he see but the fact it doesn't mark bosses give a lot less use to these mod in my opinion.

This apply mainly to the Aura, Mecha Empowered that increase damages taken by the target because Corrosive Projection is probably a better option on most of enemies because they only tank because of their armors and a full Corrosive Projection team with 100% armor reduction end up to give a higher damage multiplier than the +600% damages provided by 4 Mecha Empowered, without considering Corrosive Projection apply to all enemis and not for 3-12s each 15-60s to a single target depending on how much set mod you have.
For sure, it can be bring +600% for 12s to a random target each 3.75s if the all team have the full set but this a really particular setup than require some team preparation and not everyone would run because of the 4 mods you need to slot in for this to work and require a specific play style, seems a fair trade off.

Kubrow are already unused compared to Kavat that are kinda considered as "endgame pets" because of the booster and crit buff, so making the Mecha set precept working against boss would be a huge improvement that could bring back Kubrows.

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il y a 38 minutes, (PS4)Spider_Enigma a dit :

most abilities arnt meant to work on bosses

Abilities with specific effect such as slow, sleep, fear, stun, or more generally crowd control abilities doesn't work, but abilities that directly deal damages, buff your warframe or debuff enemies (reduce health/armor/shield/damages) generally work on bosses.
The Mecha set precept is between warframe buff and enemy debuff so, should work on boss.

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