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Regarding Projectiles In Latest Patch


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what does these lines mean? what projectiles are they referring to? like boltor? and are they affected by armor now?

  • Added embedded damage radius to projectiles.
  • Changed damage done by embedded projectiles to be affected by armor.
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Bump for visibility. Also would like to know what these mean.

Edit: aren't the acrrids needles embedded? Has anyone looked to see if the DoT on acrid was reduced?

That would be so hilariously dumb I wouldn't past them.

Community says "Hey DE, Armour scaling is a huge issue and we don't want to be forced to use armour ignore weapons all the time, please fix it."

DE says "Boltor, Bolto and the Acrid aren't armor ignore anymore. Have fun A******s."

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The way its worded, it sounds like either they do dmg to things they pass, but not hit, or they do a small aoe burst of dmg on impact, so even hitting the ground at their feet still does dmg. Someone should test that theory out.





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+1, I wanna know.


Also the Fin sword.

I think its the dark sword... they said it was an alert weapon and "fin sword" is what the devs call it sometimes, the dark sword is the only one that looks "finny" to me lol. "Embedded projectiles" is probably jargon as well... Maybe they are talking about puncture mods? do those ignore armor at all?

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