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How do you group with other nublets ?


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Ha, I wish.

Your best bet is the recruitement channel, and maybe there are clans dedicated to gathering low level players ? I don't know but that would be nice.

Just ask for squad mates in the recruitement channel and tell people you don't want anyone rushing through the game.

Though to be honest, if you're running low level missions that aren't defense, survival or excavation, you shouldn't encounter that many high level Tennos. We don't usually come back to a level 10 capture just for the sake of completing them, we need a grinding spot.


Or, you can play solo, though it makes your life much harder.

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Most vets would be happy to slow down if you ask. Don't be afraid to say, "Hey, can we take this slow? I'm new." 

Otherwise, look for a newb-friendly clan. There are plenty of university clans whose sole purpose is to help new players. 

Lastly, welcome to Warframe, Tenno! :)

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