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Ghost-like death state + Perma-dead at The Pearl


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Alright so. I was playing Orb Vallis bounties in a squad and was downed (but I couldn't revive. That happens a lot too btw. I get downed but then I can't revive myself by pressing X and often when I get revived by squadmates I can't press any buttons, can't use any abilities or shoot.The solution to this is to let my revival timer run out and press the revive button once I died. This happens in all kinds of missions and isn't exclusive to Orb Vallis). Then while I was downed a Host migration happened. I suddenly was back in operator mode. When I tried to transference back into my warframe it did make the noise and showed the effect, but I remained in operator mode. Then I was downed by enemies, but instead of returning to my warframe I still had my operator's health (but invulnerable) and was suddenly invisible, as in I couldn't see any figure at all. I could still slide but not jump. Luckily I was able to make my way back to the elevator and into fortuna where I spawned back into my warframe as usual.

Second happening; I was grinding vent kids standing at The Pearl on Orb Vallis. I was playing Khora. The connection to these friends isn't always the best so occasionally there is some lagging. However, while on the K-Drive and grinding along the railing of The Pearl I suddenly glitched out (so quickly that I couldn't even see what was happening), fell off the K-Drive, apparently took some item drops with me (from where only god knows) and then I lay in the goo surrounding the pearl. Khora was just laying there, I wasn't dying. In the beginning I was able to at least shoot my weapon still and I could transference out of my warframe. My operator however didn't appear where I was laying, they appeared a few meters away from pit, surrounded by Venari and my Kavat. I could look down at my body, but when I transferenced back I was just laying there again. Eventually I couldn't even transference out of my warframe. My friends had to go to the elevator and let the timer run out before I was release from my weird deathless state.

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