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Thank you for reverting the Archwing Changes.


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I believe the issue DE was trying to "fix" was motion sickness induced when you were performing certain Archwing manuvers, in turn they made the flying one dimensional.


I wouldn't say the reverted or the now deleted change was bad, both had pros and cons, I'm not here to argue if one system is better than the other.


But you can't have the archwing flight system there for over 1 to 2 years and then randomly completely change it. Whether it is "good" or not, and whether people hated or loved the current flying system that got reverted back: 


You can't just change the core part of flying when people got used to it for 1-2 years, people like familarity when they've gotten to used to things. And when its get changed for no other purpose except change, people will lash out and I'm glad DE listened.

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DE can never seem to get the Archwing controls right. They've completely changed it up more times than I can keep count of.

They should get someone in who has more experience with flight controls so they can pin something down already, for Railjack's sake.

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