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My take on Warframe Conclave Warfare aka WCW


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Hello everyone, this is my idea of a possible Conclave Warfare or Conclave Royale as you see fit.

Lets keep it Civil guys, i know Warframe aint a Competitive game, and those of us who have played a BR game before, we know its all about Competitivity, Win or get out.

I was thinking around elements already in game, we could add new life to the Conclave, and take some variations aside from running regular missions, bounties, boss fights, hunting, fishing, mining. Lets call it, another type of sweet Grind.


Ground Rules:

  1. 20 or 50 Players, a reasonable amount of players for the Maps that will be used.
  2. It has to be DE server based, peer to peer cant be a thing for this to be fair.
  3. Maps, Plains of Eidolons or Orb Vallis. They are big enough to keep 20-50 player within reasonable distances,
  4. Spawn, probably random spawn after timer ends, or just map marking spawn like ROE does, letting others know where you are spawning before timer ends.
  5. Conclave Damage Systems/Numbers for Weapons and Warframes.
  6. Start up with a Pistol, probably 2 or 3 magazines, or even bare handed, allow us to punch just like Tutorial Excalibur or similar to Frame Fighter.
  7. Random weapons, Spawn at random logic points, in the top of a box, inside a base or enemy enclave, or in a fireplace in the top of a mountain in the Orb Vallis. This pushes us players to use different weapons, not Meta weps from out inventories.
  8. Energy, only obtainable by damaging or killing other players, this will force you to save up energy for the last guys alive, this will serve to avoid a Ability Spawn fest.
  9. Shrinking and Duration. Maps are a Square, it could have the shrinking based on a circle, a square or just sector based as ROE does, doesnt really matter. Warframe its a fast paced game not a camping simulator, make it so the final circle will close within 15min after starting, you dont want to have us half an hour in there.
  10. Rewards. Make it likable, earn Decent conclave standing, every kill grants 1k? 700 standing? make the winner have an extra 5k standing, win 4 games a day, whichs translates to 1 Hour of conclave per day and you most likely will cap. Also give some Endo, Kuva, Credits, whatever to the top 5, top 10, something likable, give the players a reason to want to do it.


What do you guys think, can we give some love to the idea so maybe another meme becomes a playable feature?

Thank you all for reading!

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So Warframe Battle Royale? Lets not.

The problem with Conclave isn't the modes on offer, simply that PvP isn't what people come to and stick with Warframe for and for Conclave to be functional we needed the majority of our power and mobility stripped which is something a lot of people refuse to put up with.

Plus the issue which is what set Archwing off on the wrong foot (for some reason) also happened with Conclave: people didn't want to go into something with their "progress reset". You start conclave with practically none of the mods that other players could be using which is also something a lot of players don't want to deal with.

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Used over 300 words which could have simply be described in 2. Put simply you sugar coated a Battle Royale mode. DE isn't going to do Server Side Hosting, doubt they ever will. Conclave is pretty much a niche thing so much so that DE practically ignores it, the biggest fix to conclave would be to switch from p2p to server side. 

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