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A Spin On Auras For On Infested Faction


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Grineer/Corpus have those flying Drone things to buff allies. All Infested have is the occasional Healing Ancient. To increase enemy faction diversity, a suggestion on something a bit different from giving them a regular aura unit.

Give all Ancients the ability to empower individual Runners (kamikazee guys) as their version of auras. They are to, every 5-10 seconds, reach out with their scary tentacle to touch one of the runners that is in range to be tentacled, and boost that specific Runner with immunity to Warframe's abilities (for added difficulty and forcing players to pay attention instead of mashing skill buttons while drooling) and effect dependent on the Ancient. These special effects are to happen only if the Runners explode with their self detonation. Example:

Ancient Disruptor - upgrades the runner to explode into a minor disruption effect: small percentage of current energy drained and equipped weapon forced to reload.

Toxic Ancient - upgrades the runner to leave behind a very short duration poison trail and explode for a small poison cloud.

Healer Ancient - upgrades the runner to heal allies on explosion and temporarily boost their attack/movement speed.

The actual buffs to runners (or hell, the type of unit being buffed) is rather irrelevant and is very friendly to brainstorming. The idea is, instead of giving the more unique faction a basic aura system, give them their own twist based on Ancients empowering weak individual units within the horde with immunity to ability spam (for purposes of forcing players to a pay attention to them) and some way to make that weak individual unit dangerous if it doesn't die.

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