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Khora's 3rd Ability Marking & Venari


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  1. After using Khora for a good amount of hours the past week, one of the problems I ran into was when I attempt to mark an ally to heal, it lets me as the first time of marking this ally. When the timer runs out and the ally becomes unmarked (120s mark duration, unaffected by duration mods) I attempt to mark that same ally again, but it does not allow me to do this. I simply can't mark an ally that I previously just had marked and let the duration go through. I have to waste an extra 25 energy to mark myself/a different ally and then re-mark the bugged ally I want to heal.
  2. As is with most AI in Warframe.. there's bound to be bugs. Occasionally through every mission when I had commanded Venari to heal an ally, Venari simply gets stuck in place crouched down somewhere, not stuck on any walls or landscape, Venari just sits there unless I move too far away, or I switch Venari's battle posture to get her AI functioning again, inevitably making me waste more energy marking an ally for Venari to heal again since I had swapped out of the healing battle posture.
  3. I read in patch notes that Fetch on Venari for clients was patched, but it still seems to not work correctly. I have seen it work correctly for most of my playtime with the mod & Venari when I am squad host.

(Mostly unrelated to bugs) With trying to keep track of Venari, through the AI and other problems it is very difficult since Venari doesn't have a nametag above itself, It would be nice to see Venari get a tag visible in the world like every other beast companion would.

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