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Range stat needed in UI for beam weapons (Gaze Chamber)


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Loving Fortuna update so far, you all really outdid yourselves yet again. 

On to the subject, could we see a range stat being added to the UI for beam weapons? I know it must be tricky to implement, but i think it would be a very nice QoL addition. It would be nice to know what range our planned Gaze chamber kitgun would have before building it. Thanks.

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Yea.. I wish i knew what the range was.

Then even Ammo pools, Projectile Flight Speed.

# per Projectiles, Damage/Status per Projectile, Spread Range if there were shotgun Kitguns like Twin Kohmak or Shwack Amp.

I'm not sure if the grips even have an effect on Catchmoons range.

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Not only are those things missing.

Did you know there is a recoil-change with the various grips too?

Haymaker = +100% recoil
Lovetap = +50% recoil
Ramble = Unchanged recoil
Gibber = -50% recoil

^ Those are REALLY significant values too, if you ask me...

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