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Teach Me To Torid...



As my third clan tech weapon (after Ignis and Lanka) I decided to get the Torid. 

Lobbing toxic spores everywhere sounded like fun.


Now I have it at rank 15 (unpotatoed) and quite frankly it's not shining very brightly. It's being outdone by my Seer(~ equal rank) in every scenario and, hell, I found my Ignis more useful than this thing.


What I'm wondering is this;


1. Is it actually any good?

2. Does it need a potato to be good?

3. Is it good at anything apart from defense?

4. are there any real tricks you need to know to use it well?


Thanks in advance.

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1. yep it is (well lets see how long with the dmg 2.0)

2.most of the dojo weps need a potato to if you want to take everything out of the wep

3.best used on defenses or mob defs(and suvirvial too)

4. dont go inside the the clouds,shoot the clouds on choke points.get cryo rounds on it and everything that does dmg.

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Once you get Serration up to a respectable level, it gets pretty good. Try slapping on Cryo Rounds to reduce the risk of enemies getting into close quarters, and add other mods like Stormbringer and Hellfire for more damage and the occasional stun effect. Fight at range, use tanky frames, and learn to work the projectile according to time, distance, and arcing.

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Best thing to do is what naftal said first,shoot a few shots into your vortex,works really well.

potato isn't necessary only when you do high lvl where every weapon needs one.

It can be good out of defense but less efficient because in defense you know where they're coming from everytime.

No tricks needed,unless you think doing a combo with vortex is a trick.


Hope this helps a bit.

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