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Stalker HIdeout: New Faction


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So I smoke some Threshcones  Prime and think about this:

What whene there would be an new Faction. Like the stalker send us an message with coordinats. YOu go there and must build an comunication device. Then he contacts you about this. He gives you player to kill ingame. Like you join an mission and your frame got this awesome floating stalker parts like Excalibur Prime with cool stalker plating flying around.

SO you have to fight him and he you. So you think its unfair? nope becuase you can get just targeted when accep the stalker pact you can undo and refreh every time. So what you get?
YOu get the cool stlaker parts as cosmetics. so get points if you win or not. Wouldnt this be cool?

hope my eng wasnt so bad the Threshcones  is strong like my warframe xD

Just joking

So hope this is an nice idea

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