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  1. Hotspots not spawning for clients in squads in Vallis
  2. Clients' fish getting spooked by others in Vallis
  3. Caves not having hotspots at all
  4. Group hunts being broken and nonfunctional after ~3 hunts. 
  5. kuva survival map: the kuva shell being placed sideways on the conveyor platform.
  6. orb vallis: animated background structures such as the generator in fortuna corpus base not spinning up when client
  7. orb vallis: lasers on the holding cell in fortuna missing for the client but not the host
  8. graphical issues with the arm bending weird on some animation stances when holding primaries such as the combination of the arca plasmor and the mirage noble stance. Dhq6dGd.jpg
  9. hanging on transferring maps at last second on loading screen
  10. icons for weapons and items not loading in the UI which usually means any missions or map transition will hang at loading screen at last second resulting in infinite loading screen
  11. khora when her chains attach to enemies they completely vanish after one tick of damage the chains remain, dunno if this is a client bug or a bug in general. tested on corpus, dunno if this happens on other types
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added images will add more soon
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