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Escalations: Warframe End Game


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Ranked Warframe End Game


When looking at veteran content in warframe, it was clear that the content had to start difficult, be competitive, and appeal to the veteran players of Warframe. Making the rewards consist of what most Veterans want or need as well as not adding new items for power creep was the first thing to keep in mind. Fashion frame seems to be a veterans go-to as well as riven mods and trying new builds and strategies. Thus the rewards are exclusive, are designed to give veterans a chance to show their skill, and by being at the top have something to show for it. There will be no MR requirement to participate in these missions so that people can still play together with new friends and old ones. We want people to access it without having to complete star chart like you have to for arbitrations.



  1. Plat Rewards

  2. Armor Pieces

  3. Resources

  4. Solo Ladder and Group Ladder

  5. Titles



  1. Upon entering mission you roll wheel and fight the faction based on what it lands on, meaning people can’t build specifically for corrosive or gas to counter a faction.


  1. No revives.


  1. No arbitration drones (they are annoying and buggy with some frames like limbo).


  1. Tileset change Every 5 minutes to discourage camping and encourage moving around(bigger then ESO tileset).


  1. Enemies Start lvl 80 and scale 25% Every Tileset change and deal +200% bonus damage like mot and other missions located in the void.


Example of enemy scaling






























  1. No objective other then straight survival ( last as long as possible, you are the objective).


  1. The efficiency is not a requirement to continue like ESO its just allows you to skip over the boss.                                                                                                                     Use the same kind of efficiency as ESO to prevent people from afk tactics. Though efficiency decrease is static and does not increase over time. Maintaining above 50% efficiency allows you to skip boss fight. After the 5 minute timer if you are below 50% a boss will spawn that can see through invis or other things to avoid playing (stasis,rift, invis,etc.). Required to beat boss to go to next tileset. When boss spawns, other mobs will stop spawning within 30 seconds. Upon killing the boss or moving to next tileset, your efficiency will be automatically put back up to 100%.


  1. Rewards every tileset change.


Boss Ideas:

  1. Corrupted Tenno (similar to specters on the planet junctions)

  2. Modified Past bosses like Vor, Alad V, Etc.


Reward Ladder

Reward Times

5 min Beginner Rewards

10 min Medium Rewards

15+ Min Veteran Rewards


Rng Drops

300 Endo

800 Endo

1200 Endo




300 Kuva

600 Kuva

900 Kuva

No mods in Reward pool, this is meant to be end game. Your expected to have everything you need to survive as long as you can before entering.


Ranked Ladder:

The ranked ladder would be a ladder for the week that would keep track of everyone's times. The top places getting rewards at the end of every week.


Ranked Ladder(1st-10th)

1st Place


16000 kuva

Prime Armor Piece & Sigil

2nd Place


12000 kuva

Armor Piece & Sigil

3rd Place


8000 kuva

Armor Piece & Sigil

5th-10th place


4000 kuva



Escalation armor and sigil would rotate every season (4 weeks) so that only the top players will get the exclusive armors and sigils for that season. Later down the road the armor and sigil could come back but would need enough time to pass kind of like baro who brings a item once or twice a year. So you would have a chance at getting that exclusive armor and sigil a couple times out of the year.

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Just want to point out first, I'm using the dark mode in the forum and see black text on dark background, it's hard to read. Please change to "Automatic" color and not just black or white.

About your idea, it seems like just a harder version of ESO... Enemies start at higher level, there is an efficiancy timer, tiles are changing... The main differences are longer time for each tile and bosses.
I wouldn't play this mode simply because it's so long for me. I barely play Arbitration because it feels like forever to finish, not that it's hard for me, just a lot of time to complete.

I disagree about the platinum reward, it's DE's way to make money and giving it by grinding will hurt the game more than you think. Another reason is that most players in the end game already have enough platinum, more is welcomed but not needed.

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The mode is meant to be for hardcore players that are currently doing the 1-2+hour runs. It isn't meant to be a hop in and leave after 5-10 minutes. The people who do the hours of survival to say they can, this would save them literally hours of their time to fight the same or even higher level enemies and put the gear and weapons they have been earning to the test. Those are the ones this mode is going to be most fun for. DE wouldn't be losing money by doing this, currently high end players are bored. All the content that we have is too easy. Fotuna had good enemies but the next day they nerfed them because new players said it was too hard.This game mode is meant to be long because that is the audience it is targeting. It would also target the fashion frame people and the competitive side of others. If I was able to solo this game mode for an hour and got the #1 spot, id show off my armor. Fashion frame is end game after all. There doesn't have to be platinum but its a intensive to draw in players.The platinum wouldn't be a grinding. Yes you could earn it but it not like I can sit here for 1 hour and get 1k plat like I could kuva. Its a reward for being the top 10 players of the week not just for participating. 

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