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Chroma should go back to being His old Golden age self


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I don't really know if this is controversial but I don't think ice chroma is as good as any of the other tanks and I think that bringing him back to the status he had back in the day would be better for him as right now getting chroma just ain't worth it as much as just getting any other tank frame.

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4 minutes ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

Then don't play him like other tanks. 

He's meant to provide versatility, a fact that's lost because of him not being able to change element on the fly. 

Would be nice if he could, but it might be a tad too strong. Though i havent used Chroma much, so im not qualified enough to know that.

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58 minutes ago, Sylar27 said:

I don't really know if this is controversial

Only in the sense that it's one of the most asked about things in the history of the game... I'm teasing.

To be clear, there have been literally hundreds of threads talking about this. The answer from the Devs, by their complete lack of any actual response, is that they are not going to revert Vex Armour. Actually, it's safe to say that DE don't ever revert anything unless the change causes bugs, they always iterate on the changes further.

Then again, it's really only the 'fixing' of Vex that's highlighted the real problem on Chroma anyway: The frame was only ever used for one ability, two if you were feeling a little more enthusiastic with your casting.

When you have a 1 that people genuinely find inhibiting to gameplay, because you're locked in an animation and Draining energy for absolutely minimal return, and you have a 4 that seems to a very mixed personality of functions for that additional energy Drain, along with a drop in your own personal survivability... That's a problem that needs work.

However, that does not mean that we can't actually improve him.

What we need to do is boost his other three abilities so that he works on more levels and people actually stop looking at the burnt stub of Vex Armour and wishing they could have their old broken toy back.

How about this:


Passive. I want to move the function 'Chroma's abilities change damage types and functions based on his Elemental Type' to an ability, so a new passive suggestion would be; Draconic Blood, when Chroma picks up a health orb he gains a stack of armour, this lasts until he is dealt damage after which 1 stack will be consumed. It's a mini Health Conversion in a passive, it's applied after any increases from modding or his Vex Armour so that it doesn't become too powerful once that's up.

1. Spectral Scream. Chroma unleashes a conical blast of elemental damage, with a high Status chance and damage that can be boosted by Vex Armour. Ability can be charged up to affect the size and distance it travels (not the damage, that's a cheap tactic they used on Hydroid and Vauban and I don't like it). Basically just delete the animation-lock and the drain function change to single-shot with status to make it re-castable and rewarding as such.

2. Elemental Ward. Tap to create a radial aura of elemental buffs for yourself and allies, hold to change the element. Changing the element before the duration is up will have no affect on the current cast's buffs to yourself or allies, however the ability can be recast to remove previous buffs and apply new ones. However, changing the element will change the damage types on Spectral Scream and Effigy whether you actually cast Elemental Ward or not, giving you the chance to have combinations of damage and Status running, granting Effigy and Scream the slow of Cold, while Ward is running to grant the auras of Toxin or Electric. Depending on how you feel.

Heat; Chroma's Spectral Scream and Effigy deal Heat damage. Radial buff increases Health of all allies, enemies in range have a higher chance to drop Health Orbs, and projects an aura of fire Status that has a medium chance to cause ignite/panic status effect.

Cold; changes damage type to Cold damage. Radial buffs apply a boost in armour, grants low level damage reflect on all damage taken, and projects a Cold aura that slows enemies.

Electricity; changes damage type to Electric. Radial buffs apply a boost to shields and shield recharge, enemies in range have an increased chance to drop Energy Orbs, projects an Electrical aura that has a medium chance to cause electrified status effect.

Toxin; changes damage type to Toxin. Radial buffs apply a boost to movement, reload speed and parkour velocity, grants boost to casting speed, projects a Toxic aura that has a medium chance to cause poison status effect.

3. Vex Armour. Because DE seems to believe this is exactly as they intend it to be, not bothering to suggest a change.

4. Effigy. As we all know, Drain abilities are considered a nerf to frames because of the way they interfere with energy regen, are self-limiting and often cause the players to simply not use the ability in preference of maintaining their energy for other casts. With both Elemental Ward and Vex Armour now being re-castable and providing buffs to allies, I want to change up what Effigy does.

Cast to create an Effigy from Chroma's pelt, now is on a Duration as a limit, the base health gets a nerf but gains the 'three seconds after casting, damage dealt to the Effigy converts to Health' function that all good scaling should have. And it now focuses purely on support and area denial. Chroma no longer gains the boost to movement speed since Toxic Ward now does that better, but still loses armour as a consequence to losing his pelt (I know what I said earlier, but balance is balance). Pressing 4 again will end the ability early and allow it to be cast in a new location.

Effigy is now a Buff Totem. Creates an Aura that mimics the effects of Ward and Vex, these effects do not stack, but serve to give players a rally point if the Chroma is on the move collecting drops and an area of Status projection on enemies causing better CC or damage over time. Effigy will alternately use Chroma's Spectral Scream on the nearest enemy with Vex Armour's damage bonus, if active, and will create an area pulse between screams that creates a normal duration stun effect similar to Banshee's Silence with Elemental Ward's Status type, if Ward is active. 

So yeah... cleaning up those Drain functions and sacrificing a few of the functions on Effigy in order to make it far more functional in a specific role.

Move Chroma from the one-trick-wonder he was to an all-round buff frame that can maintain his team and himself with consistent casts, lock down a point with his Effigy and free-roam as he pleases knowing that his team still has buffs even if he's the other side of the map.

What do you think?

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