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Arcane Mistakes


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So I just realized I made a bunch of level 1 arcane copies and have now way of fixing this. There are many ways to go about fixing this problem; just need 1 of these implemented.

1. A proper "yes I understand what I am doing" warning; two of them actually.

2. Smart application. If you're about to make a mistake, the game could say, "hey, you've already got one with that rank, want to upgrade that one instead?"

3. Probably my favorite: Allow me to combine 2 level 1s to make a level 2 or a level 2, level 1 and unranked arcane to make a level 3

4. Reintroduce arcane distillers as a method for unranking arcanes. 

Not going to bring my personal aggravation into this too much, but I personally consider this to be a huge problem that could be easily fixed. I hope to hear this considered. 

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