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Memorial For A Fallen Tenno.


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Hello fellow Tenno.

I have enjoyed playing Warframe for many years, it's become my favorite game. I've shared many memories with friends who've become family to me. Unfortunately sometimes friends leave us a lot earlier than expected. His name is GhostyG707. He was mastery rank 14, his favorite frame being Rhino. He loved being able to just tank hits and get in there! My favorite frame is Banshee, and her being squishy made it really helpful for me to have GhostyG707 around. We would do missions together and share stories of our daily lives and just share good vibes. His girlfriend, GhostyGirl, would play trinity and always do her best to keep us alive together. Looking from the outside, he was the most patient and compassionate person to GhostyGirl and would always treat her really well. They were really great together. It's been a really tough road for GhostyGirl, losing someone she loved more that anything.

He left us December 30th, 2017.

I just want to ask DE and the Warframe community as a whole for a huge favor for me and his fellow Tenno that was always in a squad with him.

Would it be alright if Warframe created a memorial for him for this coming December 30th? Perhaps maybe in one of the Relays? We've spent a lot of time together defending our relays from Fomorian attacks.
Warframe became a huge part of my life as I made many many memories with friends in it. I miss him everyday and cherish every memory I've had with him.

here was his link to his gofundme page. I regret not having enough money at the time to support him.

Please consider my humble request. I am asking everyone with my entire heart. This was his favorite game, and I really want the game to remember him.

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47 minutes ago, CharmNoir said:

My heart goes out to this tenno's family and gf. He truly was a kind, caring, and humble soul. Truly a life gone too soon. RIP GhostyG707. We love and miss you. Gone but never EVER forgotten ❤️


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I think it’s a great idea to honor our fellow Tenno who left us too soon. Maybe there could be a memorial in the next relay we rebuild for all our fallen comrades. God speed to you and your closest friends, CharmNoir. It’s never easy to lose a loved one.

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