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Controller/Steam interaction bugs


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I see a couple of bugs with controller support on PC that annoy me to some degree:

  1. Context menus in clan/friends UI don't appear when I press A button
  2. Enter key on a keyboard doesn't send the chat message

However, a clanmate noted that he doesn't experience these issues. So I did some testing and indeed they depend on setup.


(Imgur link)

Steam mode denotes which mode Warframe was launched from, checkboxes in columns for controllers - whether a particular controller was attached. I've used Test 1 as a baseline and repeated it (with identical results) between all other tests to exclude a possibility that there's some external state that gets stuck around.

Additional details that could help in reproducing these bugs:

Game version: 24.0.8

Controller 1: Xbox 360, wired, made by Microsoft

Controller 2: Steam controller

Xbox Configuration Support is turned off.

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