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Tek Gravity needs to work outside of the Kavat Zone. Otherwise its a useless mod.


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There are many reports of it not working at all. DE just failed to put the disclaimer that it ONLY works if you slam inside of the small area the kavat creates every once in a while. So hopefully there are enemies in that location and you notice it and have a desire to pull said enemies within the few seconds the location exists.

As it is, the mod is a waste of a slot. Give me a primed reach in that slot instead. Hell, a Parry mod is arguably more useful in that slot.

This mod should either have its text clarified to show its useless, or have the effect work no matter your location to earn a slot over a damage mod. Its not often we get a great utility mod that many people would love to use, and Tek Gravity filled that desire. Its a sham(e) that it turned out the way it did.


Also, make it so Garuda Talons count it towards the set bonus. Currently it does not count at all, yet it is equippable.

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To make matters worse i have yet to even see my kavat make one of these fabled zones... I mean how long does it last with 2 Tek mods equipped? 1 second? Is it even activating at all? this is a dumpster fire that should be put out sooner than later. >_<

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