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K-Drive point system not comprehendable


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Hi I'm a 90's kid. So I played a ton of board based video games. The most important for this argument being trickstyle. Because of my excessive hundreds of hours playing trickstyle I have a idea of how hoverboarding should feel as the idea is not entirely new to me. I can think of several issues with the k-drive up front. 

1. The point system

the problem with the point system is that you fail out of points too easy. My assumption is that this is to stop people from cheesing points. The simple solution is this, show the standing earned instead of points. Allow people to earn points for k-drives over time. Give the ability to have "attack cards" on K-drives that allow you to replace the trick buttons with new damaging tricks and flourishes with cool effects. 

2. The movement 

K-drives seem to be occupying a niche similar to horses in elder scrolls. You can't fight with them, they're mainly transportation, and there's little customization. The charge speed feels the same as the normal forward momentum and doesn't add anything to the jump effect. The jump effect itself is incapable of getting out of crevaces and requires you dump points into it to get a booster card. This is the same issue with damage cards. You're boosting a weapon for something it should have built in integrallly. Board movement should be subtly but noticeably boosted as you get experience with the board, like warframe said health, armor, and shields. Also, the Tenno are space weapon masters, they should not be wiping out like a car crash constantly, especially since they can cling to walls.

3. The boards themselves

this is the biggest issue but the easiest to solve. The boards are too basic, the graphics are really lame. I think DE should use this as a chance to utilize their best tool for fixing lameness, Tennogen. Think about it boards are simple, the pieces are simple, the designs on them are simple. They should make a more accelerated version of tennogen just for the K-drives. It would be a really easy way to get new people into the tennogen community without it being as lore breaking as a lot of the current tennogen stuff.



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