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Watching a series of controversies...


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As we observe a series of discussions, we know that there is a dissatisfaction with the new users who are currently experiencing a dissatisfaction with the desired satisfaction of Veteran's.

Honestly, I just played Warframe for only about two months now, but I am defeating all the planet's nodes, creating an MOA, and experiencing an open world. I am satisfied at the moment, but how long can this lead? There is a limit to the challenge by changing mods, and the content that occurs after solving the story mission is a series of iterations. To put it mildly, I have to agree that except for collecting Warframe / mod or raising the Mastery rank, also I have to agree that the goal given to the user is faint (except for personal goal setting!).

As a person who has played the game all the time, the biggest problem is that the world of Warframe is going slow. The story of this game has changed a lot and new things have been added, but even though tens of thousands of Tenno have played, the forces of Corpus and Grineer are still intact, and Conzu and Eudico are pushing Tenno(It's you and me.) into a fight that will never end. It changes little by little, but it is still slow.

I know DE is preparing some cool things for the future. But if DE leaves this situation now, it will not be a good ending. When no one is satisfied, the solar system will be over. lol

From conclusion, I think that device and event that can feel the flow of time in world view are necessary. I think that the day and night do not simply change, but a change that takes place after a series of events. There are still a few minor changes added after the invasion or story events of each force, but it is not enough to feel that something has changed. It sounds like the main character of the story, but it is not actually the main character.

An example of how to solve this problem is that when Cetus completes all of Conzu's requests, or when the Stand reaches a certain level, special assult events (such as increasing the level of the Grinner enemy, or some sorties being applied during the mission) Is to occur. This event takes the Grineer base from the Plains of Eidolon and gives it a chance to form a temporary base or gain special resources.

It's just a small example, but I think I can motivate others who like Warframe. Well conditioned Veteran users will be offered a stage to fight gorgeously and give users who enjoy Warframe another challenge. Of course, these events may or may not be based on the player's choice.

I look forward to your good feedback.

* I am Korean, and one of Tenno who likes Warframe. This sentence is written in a translator. Please understand that the contents are not smooth.

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I think DE has taken some great steps to make our impact on the universe get felt, and to make the game feel like it is coming alive and "evolving".

I have been playing since long before a great deal of the additions were placed. Before the star chart revamp. Since those days we have had events introducing new enemies, big revelations in story lore that bring new mechanics to the game as you uncover them, depending on who we help in Invasions it builds up strength for one side or another to attack one of our relays. And a relay was rebuilt. Of course this all happened at a slow pace, I can admit. 

The future holds a lot of similar changes that seems to let us make an even bigger impact on the universe. I can agree though, that the more options we have to influence the world in some way and watch this massive "war" we are in shift somehow, would add even more depth and life to an already great game. Sadly, I cannot at the moment think of any new suggestion, as I am just massively pumped to see how our large ship battles will pan out. A developer even mentioned a tantalizing possibility of going to a different universe (sometime in the far, far future if things go well). I think they have built a very clever and engaging world and am happy to see them ever struggling to bring more to the table. 

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I would think the opposite, if I am crushing the Grineer, they would have less standard forces to oppose me with. Veterans though are a varied lot, but you might run into two more vocal groupings. You have those that just play a lot of missions; essentially what some would call little better than 'casual players' who mess around with missions and help others, and you have those that just want to see others fail and have a 'challenge'. Recently, DE has been trying to cater to that second crowd; Onslaught and Arbitration modes are the result. Now, it could be argued these didn't cover the itch, but it was what was asked for; missions with inflated 'difficulty' with less focus on rewards and instead just on trying to punish players for playing them.

Smarter folk than I have stated that to design for enjoyment, it can always grow; while something made to encourage failure doesn't have potential growth, but results in stagnation.

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