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Ivara Bugs and Fortuna Bounty Bug


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Ivara Bugs

Ran the Sortie Infested Survival today using Ivara. It seems that her thief ability under prowl is selectively ignoring Runners. Activating Life Support while in her prowl also did not have the appropriate sound FX.

Fortuna Bug

I noticed that when repeating Solo bounties inside Orb Vallis, specifically with the "Investigating the dead bodies mission", the timer required does not reset after each bounty completed. E.g. If you finished with 3:50 minutes remaining on the Investigate Part of the mission, rerun the same bounty, the next Investigate mission would start with 3:50 minutes. Running the same bounty again and again would eventually "insta-fail" since you wouldn't have enough time to investigate (not great if I want to spend an eternity doing bounties in Orb Vallis). Workaround is to exit Orb Vallis and accept the bounty inside Fortuna.

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