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Invisible Geo at the pearl while grinding


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I know you guys aren't a fan of the endless vent kid grind at the pearl and that's why you nerfed it so that you respawn without your k drive and lose time if you fall in, which is actually a nerf I appreciate because the capacity to get standing is still there, but it instead rewards skill rather than button mashing.

That said, there is a bug there when grinding the circle, every so often, and it seems pretty random, i'll be juming one of the rails you have to leap over on the circle and I just wipe out mid air.

It's happened two days in a row now, 5 separate times.

Nerfing it is one thing, but kicking me off my board mid air without an obstacle there feels like you're cheating to prevent the standing grind.

I would try to capture it on video but it's rare and random, and I'd probably be recording for 20 minutes before possibly catching it, it is reproduceable though.

I had considered maybe lag was the issue, but I'm hardlined and set up for high def streaming, and even if there was a hiccup yesterday, there wouldn't be two days in a row at the exact same spot doing the exact same thing.

Please take a look at this and get that geo out of there that causes me to wipe out for no reason.


Apparently now that I'm rank 4 with vent kids my standing is locked entirely with them, I don't know if this is intended, but it doesn't seem to be since it doesn't have the same UI notifcation as vox solaris that only has 2 ranks.

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I found a better standing grind, is the first race at fortuna, where the race track goes along the pipe.. Do much tricks as possible on the course, so you get race-rewards + trick score. I also hanged around the pearl until the nerf... in fact that pearl was the place I learned to grind the board, as i could only jump, flip and 360 spin. I was thinking more like a surfer than a skate boarder

p.s try do all races preferably ones where you can restart/repeat easily, and not a hike over the mountains.

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