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Ocucor: only half of multishot accounted for in beam's damage, and completely ignored in tendrils damage. Also tendrils have no effect on the beam's target.


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Hi here are 3 probable bugs or oversights.


Multishot mods counts for only 50% of their value in beams damage:

short video comparison with and without barrel diffusion on ocucor in arsenal. With 100% multishot, damage is only increased by 50%:



Multishot has no effect on tendrils' damage:

video shows tendrils' damage without, and then with, barrel diffusion. In both cases it's the same (11 normal, 21 crit):


Note that ms doesn't increase the number of tendrils either. So it has no effect at all.


Tendrils are only cosmetic when they hit the same target as the beam:

Video with corrosive to test status procs chance. No noticeable improvement of armor stripping (1st half beam only, 2nd half tendrils):


Video with radiation only, to just show damage, with better consistency. Again no difference (1st half beam only, 2nd half tendrils):


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