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Bug with Standing in Orb Vallis


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So I was leveling up my daily standing by using Ivara to track and tranq Pobbers and Verminks. After about 30 minutes of doing this (tracking as normal, then tranqing using Ivara's Sleep Arrow, I left to head back to Fortuna. Before leaving, I checked how much standing I got and what my total standing was. I got 10,000 and it said my total Solaris United standing was 38,000. When I got back to Fortuna, I went to Eudico and viewed it and it said my standing was only 28,000. 

At first I thought it was a bug with capturing multiple Pobbers, but I think it's a bug with standing in general. Next I went back to do more conservation and with my standing being 28,000 (give or take 100-500) I at least have a baseline to know where I started. So I caught ONLY virmink, and my standing shows itself as +3850 (total of 35761) which as you can see, doesn't add up. I should be at MOST 32850, assuming my standing was at 29000 at most. So I headed back and my actual standing was 31911. Which makes much more sense, that puts my standing being 28061 prior to conservation, which is correct. 

So using this information, that means the total standing I was getting in the Orb Vallis was 7,700 (when it was actually only 3850) so it DOUBLED my standing without actually doubling my standing. 

I am using resource, credit, and affinity boosters so I think what's happening here is your standing is NOT be doubled by affinity boosters, even though it should be. 

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