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[TGQ] The Gamma Quadrant is Recruiting! (PC)


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Hello and welcome to the first official appearance of TGQ. I am TheOneHitWonder, Commander of TGQ and it is my pleasure to inform those of you who are looking for a fresh start and perhaps a new purpose as well that TGQ is a brand new clan that has not done any research yet as the clan dojo is still under development.

TGQ is looking for like-minded Tenno's to come together and to help one another advance through research and communications to create an ideal environment for the clan. I believe that with the efforts of those who have read this message that this goal can be attained. 

The clan has plenty of room for novice and veteran players however we are accepting player who are age 18+ (however special accomodation can be arranged for player 16+, the discord comes with an nsfw channel and you will have to be provided with a minor -18 tag to ensure that you don't access the nsfw channel, this is for legal reasons). 

From those of us at TGQ, we hope that we have made a great first impression and may the stars guide you to new adventures. 

-Commander TheOneHitWonder

 Discord link: https://discord.gg/DvQrNFY (message [MG] Mechtler3 aka.'The King Himself' discord role, to notify that you would like to join TGQ)  



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