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Recreating Blueprints! Also, Warframe Concept for Scio, the Knowledge Warframe


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Ok, this is kind of pushing the boundaries of where DE might go but I feel it's necessary to add this into the game. Codex 2.0 basically. This may sound stupid but it's something some people have been asking for years about. The ability to reconstruct lost quest Warframe blueprints. It has been a problem that DE has not yet resolved but can do it. However, I have a feeling that they do not want to add this feature because it will prevent players who made these accidents from buying the frame with plat. I know there is DE support but sometimes it's annoying for the player and the people at support to deal with these occurrences. Therefore, I think it's finally time for an ingame mechanic to have this resolved without having to rely on support (as if they were really busy already). Now, this system makes acquiring said blueprints much more difficult than getting them from the quest. Now on with the quest concept.



Since the Old War, the world has lost many of its most advanced technologies. However, this does not mean they can not be restored. Upon inspection of an old derelict ship, Ordis has recognised some of its software. He then instructs the Tenno to restore it seeing that it may help the Tenno recover lost memories before the Old War. After restoring the ship's archive system, it gives instruction to scan nearby lifeforms to reconstruct an old Warframe Blueprint. The player must then scan creatures while in the derelict (Helios scans count). Upon gathering enough information, it will reconstruct a Warframe Blueprint of Scio, the Warframe of knowledge and can replicate any Warframe blueprint your codex has found. This comes at a cost however. This requires to acquire practice fragments which requires you to replay quests. You get 1-3 depending on the length of the quest. 30 or so fragments are required to replicate one blueprint. Only 1 is required to replicate Scio's parts.

Scio, the Warframe of Knowledge Concept


HP/Shield: 75/75 (225/225)

Energy: 150 (225)

Armor: 100

Sprint Speed: 1.0


Passive: Tome of Knowledge


For every 3 seconds you see your enemy, a page is added to the Tome of Knowledge. With each page, the damage you do increases by 1% and you can gain up to 100 pages. Multiple stacks can be added at once. Invisible enemies will not grant stacks. Damage increase does affect abilities.

The power of observation gets translated into actual combat. This frame gains damage for watching enemies. Now it may not seem like much but watching a group of enemies can significantly boost up your damage quickly.


Tome of Elements


Bring down the elements upon your enemies. Channel a giant orb that will deal all of the elemental damage types all at once on the enemy. The damage will inflict additional damage if he has all his pages.

Potential Stats (view at your own discretion):


Power Strength: Deal 25/50/75/100 of each damage (so 100/200/300/400 total) plus 40% (spread evenly) of the targets max HP if he has 100 pages.

Power Range: 8/10/12/14m

Cost: 25 Energy

It applies all the status effects which is pretty useful for any weapon using Condition Overload. Otherwise, this ability does a very decent amount of damage. Considering the power of the rest of his abilities, this has to be the most basic one. 


Tome of Life


Unlock the secrets of life and restore parts of your allies and enemies into the world. Summon miniature swords that will try to stab itself to enemies. Enemies with swords on them will pulse out a heal when they die. Also grants all allies a damage reduction buff when they are healed by this ability.

Potential Stats:


Power Strength: Miniature swords deal 150/200/250/300 Viral damage to enemies when they attach. Heals allies by 100/150/200/250 HP. Summons 4/5/6/7 swords. Grants 35/40/45/50% damage reduction.

Power Duration: Swords last 20/25/30/35 seconds. Damage reduction lasts 10/14/18/22 seconds.

Power Range: The Minions travel 1/2/3/4m per second

Cost: 50 Energy

Heals and a decent amount of damage reduction. What's unique is that it has a the mechanic that allows little swords to fire randomly at enemies and make them heal allies. This ability isn't all too powerful but it's healing is useful when you need it or need a damage reduction buff to everyone. Basically mini Blessings everywhere.


Tome of Time


Recite the words on his tome to bend time to his will around him. Time will slow for a field around him that will only affect enemies. Projectiles within the field are slowed. Enemies within the field are slowed and melee attack will deal no damage. Enemies that suffer status effects have the effects lengthen (but not slowed). Each page in the Tome of Knowledge increases the slow (and will completely freeze time at 100 pages).

Potential Stats:


Slows all above by 35/40/45/50% +0.5% per page consumed (this is not affected by mods)

Power Duration: 7/10/13/16 seconds

Power Range: 7/8/9/10m

Cost: 75 Energy

A huge stasis field like ability but with more control over the battlefield than the Moa version. It's basically a Limbo Stasis with Cataclysm combined with 100 pages. I know it can be a mini Rhino but Rhino has the knockback and basically stuns the entire room. This is just a mini Rhino Stomp.


Tome of Experience


Unleash the experience you have gathered with your Tome of Knowledge. Grant a global buff that gives damage, armor, and increased max HP to all allies no matter where they are on the map. The buff's power increase the more pages it consumes from the Tome of Knowledge. While this ability is active, you can not get more pages from the Tome of Knowledge.

Potential Stats:


Power Strength: Grants 3/4/5/6% more damage per page consumed. Grants 1/2/3/4 armor per page consumed. Grants 1/2/3/4 more max HP per page consumed.

Cost: 50 Energy +10 Energy per second

This is the ultimate ability that is difficult to keep up with the energy consumption but grants a incredibly powerful buff that came be increased by power strength. Gaining pages isn't that difficult but this ability makes patience very rewarding. With max pages, this ability can give a huge damage boost, a huge armor boost, and much more HP. Its purpose is to make any squishy frame a tank for a while.

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