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I am having the same issue as well. I am able to login to the web browser with my credentials and unable to login to the game. I have verify and optimized the cache through the browser. Restarted the device multiple times. I have double checked everything. Removed IPV6 protocol just to be sure. I can't understand what is causing this issue.

I am using the original launcher that is available from the site. I am willing to try the steam launcher client, only if that will solve the login problem. I have been playing this game for more than 3 years now. I play this when there is new content or interesting weapons. Now the fortuna has arrived, it sucks not being able to play that. Missing the floofs.

Anyways, I urge the technical support team to help us out with this issue. I know you are a small group of people dealing with heavy requests. Please prioritize this issue, because logging into the game is the basic function of the game. Hope you can understand the situation here. I will opening a ticket with the tech support shortly.

If anyone has any work around for this issue, please feel free to post it here.

- A concerned Tenno stranded from the world that he was a part of.

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Welp, i missed My gift of the lotus at this point. never missed a single one until then, especially not when its so crucial with all the new stuff coming out. thanks I guess.

I definitely now know where I'm NOT going to spend my Black Friday earnings on.

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This is down to some DDOS protection DE has on the servers catching some players IP addresses. There isn't much they can do other than turning the DDOS protection off and watching the servers die. Try a VPN or see if your ISP can switch you to IPv6.

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hmm iam wondering did you guys even see this mail


Hello (Your name)

We've received a request to access your Warfame account from a new computer located at (your ip) from (your country)

To verify this new computer please enter the following code upon logging in


If you did not attempt this action, please change your password immediately.

This email is auto-generated. If you have a concern, please contact us at http://support.warframe.com.

Thank you, Tenno!



Maby you guys don't have the 2fa activated 

Check your user information on the warframe.com/user

if this is activated or not 

-- Check your spam box .. this can be in there and you didn't see it idk

i hope that you all can play again soon

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