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Weird Mastery Points from ranking up K-Drives


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I built a K-Drive using all tier 1 components, then it gave Mastery Points, but mastery point calculation seemed weird, it was neither 100 x Rank nor 200 x Rank.

I bought a second K-Drive (tier 3 board) from Today's Special, then it also gave Mastery Points, mastery point calculation was weird similar way.

Unrank to Rank 8 gave 1100 points.

In next mission, Rank 8 to Rank 11 gave 400 points.

I guess this is not an intended feature.

Edit: I had "Resource Drop Chance Booster".


Rank 11 to Rank 13 gave 300 Mastery points.

And then without increasing rank, still with Rank 13, probably with some XP increase, another 100 Mastery points was given.

Out of sync between Ranking up and Mastery point increases?

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With my plat-bought K-Drive, no standing was given while increasing Rank 24 to 28.

It looks like Mastery points was given too early than the increase of ranks.

Meaning the increase is out of sync but probably still giving 3k Mastery points.


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