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Dojo Decoration Placing


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Hello Warframe Community.

Atm i dont like the Decoration placing and Snapping.

First why we cant build Decoration in each other? I mean it makes some builds easyer like Catwalk + u can build ur own Decoration Idea with it but it should not be possible to build outside of a Room.

About the Snapping it would be more easyer to make more ways of snapping and not only this one we have now somthing like Points which can be snapped to make it right


the red Points are the Snapping Points like Magnets so its much easyer to build somthing together.

Usefull would be if u can use Pgup and Pgdn for build the Decorations up and down by somthing like 0.25 changeable to somthin like 1.00

about Degrees should be somthing like the same by pressing Buttons to make it 12,5 or 25 50 Degrees and other changeable Options.

this Ghoste Mode is nice but it would be cool i u can even put with your Warframes some Decorations.

Everyone can post his own Ideas for a better way of Placing Decorations here, everyone is welcome.

thanks for your Attention and i hope you like my Ideas.

Sorry for my pretty bad English

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