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Why you don't allow me to have Holiday decorations up constantly.


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20 minutes ago, (PS4)Equinox21697 said:

Holiday cosmetics will lose their purpose if they're around forever, not sure why DE didn't remove the Christmas ones though

Well that really depends on what you consider their purpose to be.

I always thought of them as a silly thing to have in your ship and from there their purpose to me evolved into an inside joke with my friends of still having the Christmas decorations up.


Besides, no matter what, you have to say the snowman with the Uru syandana as a scarf is adorable and a nice touch.

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Yea, they need a better system for it rather than just have or sell.

Would also be cool to get other ones like Halloween. Esp considering that season is so horribly stale.

I weirdly miss those Easter Egg crates. Some decorations would be cool. Let us decorate our ships for the seasons.

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What would be glorious is some choices of ship deco like the Holiday one. I keep it cuz I like the deco and the snowman. Plus the snow effect is cool.

Give a New Solar Cycle where we have mini stars falling and some asteroids popping. Tinsel wrapping around the ship and a sunman with a sign that reads Happy New Sun.

Give one for each faction

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