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QoL for Loadout options


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I new to Warframe, around 120-150 days. This game is great but I would like to see one QoL to Loadout slots. Let make it short, if you hover your mouse cursor over Nova loadout slot in my example it will show new popup menu like in screenshot (sorry for bad paint skill), so I could directly choose my slow or speed Nova build and I won't need to click every time arsenal -> upgrade -> choose between slow/speed Nova config.


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1 hour ago, iHaku said:

just make 2 different slots for this.  slots cost platinum so its clearly an income sink for DE which this whould be an attempt to get around of.

I can't make anymore slots. I have already 33 loadout slots used, 20 bought with platinum and rest from mastery rank, I am mr24. If I can get mr26 then I will get new one.There is currently 37 warframes and new ones are comming soon. From 24 to 25 I need 100k+ exp and one warframe give 6k exp. Maybe 15%-20% of my warframes have more than one build for Eidolon farm, solo, farming etc. They will need to add a lot loadout slots. I happy if they do it.


Edit. You can't buy more than 20 slots with platinum

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25 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

You want more loadout slots. They are not selling you more. If they aren't allowing you to give them Plat, it is because there is no amount that is worth it for them to allow you and every other player to have that many populated loadout slots.

I sad 😞

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