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Warframe based on character in One Piece


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Hey guys,

I'm currently in the process of watching One Piece and yesterday was finally the day I saw Ace die. I of course, like most people, shed a lot of tears and mourned a lot for his untimely death. I wish I would've seen him in action more. However, putting that aside, I was in Math class today when I got super bored and started thinking "What if Luffy were a Warframe" but eventually, I changed it to "What if Ace were a Warframe" as Luffy is still a developing character. In honor of Ace's untimely death, here are his abilities and stats as I thought would suit the frame:-

Health - 200 (max 250)

Shields - None

Armor - 15 (don't be scared, I have a cool way to fix this)

Energy - 150 (max 225)


Abilities - 

Passive: All incoming projectiles originating from 10m away (goes to 5m at Rank 30) simply pass through the body (Like a Logia Fruit user). You take no damage from these projectiles.


Ability 1 - Fire Guns

All guns have an increased chance to Proc Fire. For every enemy, proc'd with fire, base Crit chance on that weapon goes up by 2% (max 20%).

It may seem like an underwhelming ability but personally, I think this is very good. 


Ability 2 - Conqueror's Haki (the name is still WIP)

Luffy and Shanks, both have displayed an ability to make their weaker enemies faint when subject to Conqueror's Haki, and apparently Ace possessed this Haki as well (according to Reddit and Quora). 

Casting this ability makes all enemies in a 10m radius (maxes at 15m) faint and fall to the ground for 10 seconds. 

Personally, I believe this would give this frame tons of CC, like Excal's 2. 


Ability 3 - Blaze Storm (name also WIP)

The frame creates a protective globe made of fire. All enemies entering this will be subject to a heat proc. Kinda like Frost's Snow Globe. 

This gives the frame a defensive capability, which I feel is needed in some more frames now. 




Ability 3 - Blaze Guard

Casting this ability wraps the frame in an armor made of fire. All incoming attacks are reflected back for a set duration, along with a heat proc. 


Ability 4 - Apollo's War

Manifest twin grenade launchers in your hands made of fire. Alt-Fire combines the fire of these grenade launchers and creates a sniper. (I got the idea from the Arkham Knight's guns).

There's been a lot of complaining in the community with regards to Eidolons being very stale, by reusing the same Warframes over and over again. (Chroma, Trin, Volt, Harrow, Rhino, and Oberon). I wanted to substitute the role of Chroma/Rhino and Rivens in Eidolon fights, so I added the sniper in alt fire. This would add a little variety, which is currently missed in said fights. 

Specifics on said abilities - 

1 - Energy:50, Duration:20 seconds, Recastable

Scales with Efficiency and Duration mods, no Str or Range

2 - Energy:50, Duration:15 seconds, 5-second cooldown, Non-Recastable

Scales with Range, Efficiency and Duration mods, no Str

3 - Energy:75, Duration: None, Stackable

Scales with Str, Range and Efficiency mods

3 - Energy:75 Duration: 15 seconds, No cooldown, Non-Recastable

Scales with Efficiency and Duration mods, no Strength or Range

4 - Initial cast energy:25, Energy per second: 3, No cooldown

Scales with Efficiency and Duration (for energy per second) and Strength (for the weapons themselves). No range.


Twin Grenade Launchers - These are grenades that explode on impact. No self damage is taken. 

Mag Capacity - Unlimited 

Fire Rate - 2

Accuracy - Like the Tonkor or Zarr

Damage - 

1500 Heat, 250 Impact, 250 Blast

We'll figure out the specifics as we go. 


Sniper - Works like the Lanka but it's hitscan, not projectile.

Mag Capacity - Unlimited

Fire rate - 1

Charge Time - 1

Accuracy - Like the Lanka

Damage - 

2500 Heat (I'm putting so much damage at the base because this sniper has to compete with Rivens and a Chroma Buff)

or Alternative Sniper Idea

Mag Capacity - Unlimited

Fire Rate - 4 

Accuracy - Like a typical Sniper, and it will be hitscan

Damage - 

1500 Heat (the fire rate and charge time would make a ton of difference)


Lemme know what you think 




My friend had a look and suggested some changes

1. Scrap the passive. Replace the 3rd ability with the passive cuz both the 3rd abilities are shiz in their own way. Come up with a new passive. Also, the range stays at 10 metres. No change while ranking.

2. He thinks twin grenade launchers are weird. Let me know what you think about that.

3. Passive could be - Enemies within 5m have a chance to be subject to a heat proc.





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23 minutes ago, FlashWayneArrow said:

Abilities - 

Passive: All incoming projectiles originating from 10m away (goes to 5m at Rank 30) simply pass through the body (Like a Logia Fruit user). You take no damage from these projectiles.

this is probably 90% damage incoming from corpus units and in the void. Basicly passive which gives some kind of immortality with some mods

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